MalkasianGroup, LLC — TERMS AND CONDITIONS    



Any use of the term “client,” “customer,” “signee,” refers to the individual signing the contract and is having a service provided to them, their business, or organization. 


Any use of the term “owner,” “manager,” “operator,” “MG,” “MalkasianGroup,” or “Samuel Malkasian” refers to the one providing the service.


Terms And Conditions Of Contract:


MG is agreeing to provide services rendered the recipient of this contract. Services may be canceled if work has not been provided, however the deposit cannot be refunded. The final product will not be delivered until payment has been received in full.



MG is committed to the customer’s protection of their privacy and personal information. MG collects information from their customers to provide better service and sales. This information is used to finalize the purchase (i.e. name, email, phone, address, payment information). Under no circumstances will MG ever sell customers personal information for commercial purposes or financial profit. MG may on occasion send out promotional information to customers. Promotional information will only be sent to customers based on their consent (i.e. filling out a subscription form or requesting to be notified of special events). If a customer contacts MG asking for another customers information (name, email, phone, address, payment information), this information will under no circumstances be provided to the individual inquiring unless required by law. If a family member of a customer inquires about any of the customers information, it will not be provided unless written and signed consent is provided by the customer in question. Privacy is a foundational human right and MG will do everything in their power to protect that right.



MG claims no affiliation with any of the brands that may show up in finished content unless specified. MG reserves the right to turn down business to any customers for any reason. MG reserves the right to change the terms and conditions without notice. Refer to terms and conditions for changes. will always contain the most up to date terms and conditions.



MG expects all clients to pay billed amount in a timely manner. All payments must be paid by the date specified in contract. If payment is more than 3 days late, MG reserves the right to cease all services until payment is made. MG will not preform any services (customer quotes excluded) until contract has been agreed and signed upon with a valid date. There may be a deposit requested for certain jobs. If a client is unable to pay deposit in full, services will not be rendered. If a client pays the deposit but declines the service to be rendered, the deposit cannot be refunded. If the client pays the deposit and MG finishes the entirety of the job and the client refuses to pay, no product will be delivered and the deposit will not be refunded. 



If the client is dissatisfied with the services rendered, they may request an appeal and MG will consider a partial refund or redoing the services at a lesser cost (EXCLUSIONS: If the customer specifies what they want and MG delivers per customers written request but the customer changes their mind and wants something different, additional feels will be charged). For cancellation or changes to the contract, please refer to the “PAYMENT” and “CHANGES” sections of the terms.



1.0 MG will do their best to stick to the quoted cost but if in the event there are additional expenses occurred then the client is agreeing they may have to revise the contract. The deposit paid will not be refunded at any point of cancelation. All payment will only be collected at conclusion of the contract if applicable. Client is also agreeing to pay the contract in full once the services rendered has been concluded (unless payment is ongoing). If the services rendered is concluded prior to the notated conclusion date, the client is responsible to pay the full amount by the actual conclusion date or final product will not be delivered. 


1.1 For retainers, the customer must make payment on the date agreed upon. All late payments are subject to a $50 late fee. 



If applicable, there may need to be signature(s) collected from any parent(s) with children under the age of 18 (minors) agreeing that they are aware their child may appear in a photo(s) or video(s) online or and are consenting. If no signature is collected, the signee of this contract accepts all responsibility and liability.



Any changes to the contract may be made without rewriting the contract but need to be stated in the “Additional Details” section with a valid date and signature from the acting manager and client. Revisions may also be added to client file but attached to original contract. Any changes attached MUST still be noted in the “Additional Details” section. 



Content that MG delivers to clients is assumed original content and MG’s intellectual property. Upon full payment of a project, usage transfers to the client. MG still retains ownership of content (artwork, animation, illustrations, etc.), but the client may use the content for whatever commercial or private purposes they choose. An additional fee may be charged for total transfer of ownership to the client. Any content not original is licensed appropriately for the clients’ needs.



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