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Sales isn't selling a product...

Updated: Sep 24, 2022

Before answering how to become a better sales person, it’s vital to understand WHY become a better salesperson. A salesperson IS NOT the guy wearing a white shirt trying to sell you a car, a phone, or a mortgage. A sales person is the guy or gal wanting a job raise, better rent, or to convince your friends that the restaurant you visited last week has the best food you’ve ever tasted and they need to try it too. Sales in its simplest form is communication. Communicating with another person that you have something that will benefit them. We look as sales poorly or hesitate to call ourselves salespeople because we think it carries a negative connotation. And perhaps it does; but you can change that.


If you are going to become a better salesperson, you need to fully believe in the product you are trying to sell.


Most of is aren’t sleazy salespeople with the ability to sell a broken car to a poor struggling family and still feel okay with it. That’s a good thing! That means you are somewhat of an ethical human being and shouldn’t struggle with selling. And by that I mean, you can trust that you aren’t going to sell something you know will hurt another person. So, if the product you are trying to sell will ACTUALLY help your customer, why wouldn’t you want them to have it? If you knew I was thirsty (and severely dehydrated), what’s better, go with the awkwardness and not sell me the water? Of course not!


Sales is the skill of one human being knowing WHERE and HOW to add value to another human being.


All good sales people are GREAT communicators. Practically speaking, practice your writing and getting your thoughts out on paper. Learn how to communicate exceptionally.

Don’t sell the customer a product. Sell the way that it will make the customer feel, sell the time it will save them and the money that it will make them. Sell the customers an experience they’re not gonna get anywhere else from anyone else. Add so much value that they’d be crazy to look elsewhere.



Samuel Malkasian

Marketing Director

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