It started in 2009 with a point and shoot digital camera and a boom mic (a stick and mini amplifier held together with scotch tape). I love cinema and ever since middle school, I have been shooting videos. During my junior year of college I got asked to shoot a wedding and that is where I got professionally started. Through my Junior year, I started shooting promotional videos for different local companies and it just grew from there. In the last two years, MalkaisanGroup has worked along side the National Turkey Federation and shot a documentary series, worked with numerous non-profit organizations helping one of them in raise over $600k between two separate campaigns, as well as performing digital marketing services for numerous local and international companies.


MalkasianGroup utilizes all creative avenues to share you story and deploy your marketing plan; whether that be through photo, video, or animation.


About me

I am originally from Seattle, WA. I own and run MalkasianGroup as well as work full time for an insurance company creating commercials, the cool animated videos you see in sports stadiums, short animations, and oversee all the corporate photography!

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