about US

We are located in Des Moines, Iowa. We are a full service studio that comes along side your company with specialized and unique strategies. We learn about your company, its goals, and assign specific staff members to you so that they are always aware of what's happening and can deliver value, making your company its best version.

The "honest-take"

I worked in the corporate marketing world and quickly learned what doesn't work. I saw companies spend $4 mil a year on contracts that were a complete waste of money because the companies hated the content they were getting, but "every company needs a marketing agency..."

We're not about that.

We will provide you with content that you love and that helps your company. Don't waste resources on bad or useless marketing. Let us come along side you and learn what you really need and provide that. No matter how big or small your organization is, I will hire more staff if needed. We are obviously striving to make a profit (because what business isn't), but we will NEVER place profit over our clients.
Our creatives become your creatives. And they learn what you need and provide that. If you don't walk away feeling like we haven't gone above and beyond to provide you value, then we failed.

Use MalkasianGroup when there's no margin for error.


Our Vision, value and Mission:

We will never let work or financial success become more important than people. Every associate is held accountable by other members to take time for themselves, their families, and their friends.

We aim to do not just great work, but amazing work. To never sacrifice quality for quantity. Our service and care for each client is always a top priority and we would rather take a loss than damage a relationship. 

We believe that greatness comes from working in the shadows. To be people who shine a spotlight only to step out of it. True greatness comes from humble service and we commit to being humble in our aspirations, gracious in our success, and resilient in our failures.



Samuel Malkasian - Creative Acquisition

Samuel has 6 years of marketing experience as a content creator and 4 years as a private business owner. He oversees all of MalkasianGroup's operations and orchestrates work between clients and other team members. He currently works for Grinnell Mutual as a coporate filmmaker and oversees the company photography.


Andrew Paulson - Digital Creation

Andrew is a graduate from the Des Moines Area Community College and specializes in creating digital content though animation. As a child he was always fascinated by cartoons and has made it his primary goal to create visual content that is unique and distinct but still empathizes and reaches a human audience. Centered around a design thinking model, his work reaches people and tells stories that motivates and inspires.

Tisheena Huss - Photographer

Tisheena is a photographer in the Des Moines area. She got started in middle school and has always been passionate about capturing moments. She desires to inspire and move people emotionally by the photos she takes. Nothing less than the very best. At the end of every shoot she wants to make sure they come out more confident than before.

Kia Moultrie - Production Lead

Kia worked in the retail industry for a number of years before taking a role as a production lead. She has a passion for storytelling and helping others' vision become her own through video. She strives to give a voice to the voiceless and her heartbeat is to create content that impacts and makes a difference in this world. 

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